Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Day in the Life of Monsoon Season


The morning began with a rare mist over South Mountain in the pre-dawn gloaming.

The sun rose over Los Pecos Homeschool, scattering a golden light across the mist.

Moisture aplenty in the air means that
afternoon rain is in store for Sedillo.

In the forenoon, clouds already gather
up against South Mountain.
There is rain to the south, and to the east.

Frontal weather brings clouds
cascading down the Sandia Mountain Front,
like water spilling over a dam.
Low clouds gather over
Cedar Crest and Tijeras.

Rain falls on the curve of the new road, at Los Pecos Loop, nature testing the design of the drainage, and water gathers in the borrow ditch below.

The strategically placed rocks slow down the water and keep the slope from rilling.

Clouds over Los Pecos, and rain washing across the Sandias. There will be eight muddy paws to
wipe on the porch, and two underbellies to dry.
Tea in the kitchen as the thunder rumbles and rolls above, and the sound of the steady rain beats on the metal roof.


Frankie said...

Your photos are always so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

We didn't get any significant rain until late June. My daughter's going to "Desert Rat" camp this week. By the time camp ends at noon, it's getting hot, but clouds are developing over the mountains. We spend an hour or so in town, until it looks like we're in danger of getting seriously wet. As we drive up the canyon road, the first enormous drops hit the windshield, and by the time we're back "on the mountain", there's lots of lightning and it's raining heavily. I leave the car out to be "washed", because hail seems unlikely.


Anonymous said...

How gorgeous! I almost feel like I'm there.