Monday, December 15, 2008

Innundated! The Second Storm

See the top of the driveway? There are no vehicles.

This morning, the promised second snowstorm, bigger and badder, came early. It was supposed to be here this afternoon. So I gingerly crept down our hill to take the Boychick to school. I thought I'd be able to go in to work for a few hours at least, before the snow began to fall.

However, it was snowing lightly as I dropped the Boychick at East Mountain High, and it was accumulating on the ice from yesterday. So, prudence being the better part of valor, I decided to hit the grocery store and see how the weather developed.

By the time I got back to EMHS, north 14 was already snowpacked, and I decided to just sign the Boychick out. As I stood in the office, I got the Robo-Phone call; they were dismissing school early.

I ended up taking A. home as well, because both of his parents were still in town and could not leave right away.

We did well until we reached our long, windy road that climbs from the top of Sedillo Hill to our subdivision. I got up the first two hills, slowly. But the ice under the snow, the 6% grade, and the curve on the last hill defeated me. I parked on the same side road that I left Henry the Lonely Red Truck on about two years ago, during the Valentine Storm.

After walking the last mile in the snow, the boys still had the energy to take the dogs out to play in the snow.

Boys are amazing. The dogs have been out in the snow several times today. Zoey (in the foreground with A.), being an old lady now, is having a well-deserved nap.
Lily, on the other hand, loves the snow and can't get enough of it. Here she is, pulling the Boychick for a slide.

After our adventure, I advised the Engineering Geek by phone to make arrangements to stay at the Chem Geek Princess's home tonight. He had his emergency bag in the car, so they will Geek Out tonight, armed with popcorn and movies. I will miss my warm husband tonight, but I just heard that traffic on I-40 East and Route 66 into Tijeras Canyon is in gridlock. Cars are sliding off the road because of the ice hidden under the snow.

So tonight, I have the boys, the dogs and the cats.

The snow continues to fall, and it is predicted to continue through tomorrow evening.
I expect the kids will have a snow day in the morning.
And even if they don't, we aren't going anywhere until we can hike down and dig out our vehicle.

When we bought our vehicles, we lived in town.
We didn't need four-wheel drive.
If I had owned chains, I could have got up the hill today.
You can guess what I will buy when the roads are clear again!

The snow is much deeper so far than predicted. And as dusk creeps in, it is still falling.
I doubt we're going anywhere tomorrow, either.

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El said...

Are you completely buried in snow? We had a 'small' fall today, and are gearing up for another big wallop on Thursday. Winter. *sigh*