Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Sculptured Landscape


I haven't done a Walk With Me Wednesday in a very long time. Today is the perfect day. We had time for a long rambling walk in the snowy sunrise, and the snow and wind had done its work to make a sculptured landscape, sparkling like diamonds.

As we set out, the sun shone on the Sandia Mountain Front, but the clouds heralding the coming of the next storm were already coming across.

In the sunrise, the work of the wind and cold on the pristine snowfall was striking. The sharp cold overnight had preserved the wind's artistry on the new road.

The bare gravel on the edge of hill is contrasted by the deep snow at the bottom. The wind had playfully moved the snow from one place to another, and yesterday's footprints on the hillside were drifted in, but todays were already frozen in place on the road.

In the meadow, last summer's grass stands above the frozen drifts that sparkle in the sun and undulate as the blue shadows move in the morning sun. We are cold, but reluctant to leave this winter garden in which every turn gives new delight to the eye.

But breakfast awaits for the dogs, and coffee and hot chocolate are warming inside.

There is much to be done today, as the whispy harbingers of tomorrow's new storm are already drifting across the sky above the house.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I love your purple refraction on those pictures. It's so pretty there.

Hope you guys are able to walk (or drive) about. We haven't left the house in about a week and we're having to help cars up the hill in front of our house.

Thanks for keeping me virtual company!