Sunday, December 7, 2008

Over 500 Posts and Butterfly Fun!

Wow! I just noticed that my post on Sky Magic was my 500th post on this blog.

I started blogging on Sunday, December 3, 2006, and my first post was Why I Homeschool: A Response to Dr. Phil. When I re-read my first post, I was both amused and amazed. I have certainly learned a lot about formatting, posting, and blogging since that day just a little over two years ago when I started this blog.

I am also amazed by what has happened in our personal lives since that day, and what changes have come to us and the world since then. I am also impressed by the amount of learning that I have done, thanks to my fellow bloggers! Long life to you all!

I am now sold on the power of journaling!

And now for some fun!
Frankie, over at Kitchen Table Learners has given me a Butterfly Award. I know I have received some other awards during this very busy fall, but I kept delaying my response until I forgot altogether. So I am not going to make the same mistake with this one.
The rules are to link to the person who gave you the award, post the graphic, and name ten blogs for the award in turn.
Ten is hard for me, but Frankie named a few that I had already named.
Here are my ten:
Some of these are mothers, one is a dad, some are homeschooling, and some of these are about science. Among them, there is quite a diversity of ideas: religious, non-religious, scientific, and political. I like something about each one, and none of them reflect my ideas and opinions completely. That is why I have learned so much!
One more thing: each of these blogs links to a whole world of blogs. Following links can bring you to more blogs that I'd like to put here, but then I'd go over the limit.


Magpie Ima said...

You've been blogging for 10 days longer than I have! Congratulations on 2 years of excellent writing! Also, big thanks for naming me in your top 10. I'm honored. Make sure you stop by later this week as I'm planning a small blogiversary celebration.

Susan said...

Thanks, Elisheva. I too have this problem: I know I have received some other awards during this very busy fall, but I kept delaying my response until I forgot altogether.

I am hopeful about following through on this award.

Rational Jenn said...

Congrats on reaching #500! And thank you for nominating me....I hope to officially accept soon....just need to think of 10 blogs. Thanks again!

Amie said...

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Elisheva. I sincerely appreciate your kindness.
I'm a fan of Ragamuffin Studies, too!