Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Two years ago, the first year that we lived here in the East Mountains, we had seven weeks straight of weekend snowstorms, including the record-breaking New Years Blizzard.
This year, the storms seem to be coming on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Last night, our third Monday- Tuesday snowstorm began.
As we celebrated Hannukah, an inch of snow was falling past the window.

This morning, as I began walking the dogs, there were about three inches of snow on the ground.
It was not snowing at all. The Engineering Geek was trying to determine whether or not to drive to town for work.

South Mountain had snow on, as well, and clouds full of the promise of even more were lowering over it. As the dogs and I walked down the new road, gusts of wind began to play with the new snow, another sign of the impending storm.

As we were coming home for breakfast,
I saw that the clouds had hidden the top of South Mountain, and the wind was blowing steady from the west, and sudden, very strong gusts blew snow across our path.
Although it had not yet begun snowing, the promise of the lowering sky matched the forecast: more snow and blizzard conditions.

In the lee of the house, the low porch-garden wall showed the three inches of snow that had fallen the night before, and dark clouds on the south-western horizon tumbled and lowered over the mountains. As the dogs and I reached the door, the new snowfall began.
Inside, the Engineering Geek was listening to the local AM radio station. We were to get another 3-6 inches, and the winds were predicted to gust over 60 MPH. The decision was made. The EG is working from home today.

As we ate our breakfast, the blizzard commenced. An hour after it began, we had gotten more than inch of snow, blowing across the mountains, creating white-out conditions. At times, we could not see our neighbor's house across the street.

As the snow continued to accumulate, the blizzard roared on, and in the lee of the house, the low garden wall marked its progress.
It was much deeper late this morning, and has gone deeper still.
Jewish Mama that I am, I feel a sense of cozy pride that my family plus a friend all found shelter and warmth under our roof as the storm rages on outside.
Another Tuesday storm.


christinemm said...

We were snowed in over this last weekend. I enjoyed it.

I hope you are enjoying the snow!

South Mountain is lovely under that blanket of snow.

Happy Hanukkah Elisheva!

denise said...

We have had so many storms already this year too. So much snow - and never just a little falling, always blizzards and "thundersnow". Wow. Your photos are lovely - and a good excuse to work from home!