Sunday, December 14, 2008

Red Sky at Morning, Blizzard Warning

I woke this morning to the sound of high winds whistling past the eaves.
Clouds were moving fast across the clerestory window to the west, and the Aspen branches were rotating and gyrating, silver gray against the dark clouds.

To the east, the dawn was eerie, deep yellow and red. Red dawn, a tumbling sky, bringing heavy weather.

We got up quickly, dressed and got the dogs on their leashes. We walked them up the new road quickly, a blizzard wind driving snow out of the west, into our faces.

They found sheltered places among the trees, in the lee of the ridge, to take care of their business. Going back, the wind was at our backs, blowing snow into canine fur.

The driveway looked dangerous, and we made our way down hill through the woods, and across by the dog run to the porch.

The snow continued, and winds gusted to 60 mph, a veering flaw, from west to north to south, the snow making dust-devils in the drive.

Then New Mexico-like, it tapered to flurries and stopped by noon. We thought we'd get into town to enjoy an early winter holiday dinner at the Chem Geek Princess's new home.

But the road out to Old Route 66 was perilous; it is winding and narrow, and some of the north downhills were sheer ice. We might have gotten down safely. And then again, maybe not. But we'd certainly not have made it up again. And there are the animals to consider. We turned around just before the first steep, curved grade, and came home.

The Boychick is deeply disappointed. The Chem Geek Princess is leaving for London on Thursday, a dream trip. Oxford at Christmastide, with the candles and red academic robes for the Christian holy day. She'll be gone until his birthday at the very tale-end of the year. And he was expecting presents tonight.

So we'll eat the slow roast I was making for this week.

We'll try again on Tuesday.

But the second storm is supposed to come through tomorrow. Bigger. Badder. With heavier snow lasting until Tuesday afternoon.

We might be having the postponed early holiday celebration very late. On the 28th. The last night of Hannukah. The Boychick's birthday.

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Melora said...

Definitely better safe than sorry, but how disappointing. Her trip to Oxford sounds fantastic, though! How exciting!
I hope the weather man was wrong and you get nice weather for a visit on Tuesday.