Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's A Dog's Life!


I had plans for this entry. I did.
I went to the Tea Party Express Rally at Haines Park in Rio Rancho yesterday.
I even took the camera.
But I left the battery in the charger.

But last weekend, we had three dogs in residence, because the grand-dog came to visit.

Watching them--no worries!--I wondered who's smarter? Us or the dogs?

Shayna in her "office" noticing that I am getting ready to take a picture.

After a while, the front leg
emerges. I don't see it,
I don't hear it.
But now its there.

"Alright, if you're going to keep snapping those pictures, I'll continue my nap somewhere else!"

Lily thinks her daddy's shoe is the perfect pillow.

"As long as I lay here, Daddy won't be able to get up."

"Nap over, and it's time to check the perimeter.
Alert, alert! There's something up there.
Right there! Can't you smell it?"

What Lily saw.
This was worth watching for nearly 40 minutes.

Dogs understand mindfulness.

Ruby, the grand-dog, posing in the kitchen.
"Must you take my picture?"

Attention from Grandpa EG is
worth a play bow!
See what I mean?

We go to work to earn their daily
kibble. So who's smarter?

Happy Wednesday!

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retriever said...

Been there, done that with the battery in the charger...Also the memory card in the reader (as I am always losing those cords specific to particular cameras...Adorble pictures! Your dogs and husband look so nice. It is so much fun following them around and capturing the unique expressions of the characters that make us love them...I am impressed by how tidy your house is (mine is even messier than usual since all the worry about my sick relative. Who, thank God, is recovering a little.
Different URL to my site now (as we discussed, I have temporarily archived my older entries and kept them invited only--don't know if you got the invite I sent you. I didn't get my one (the test), so decided to just start up again with a diff URL.