Friday, September 4, 2009

R3volution: Don't Mess with ABQ Patriots

Yesterday I posted an entry about the continuing bad reporting and derogatory names directed at the ABQ Tea Party. Thanks to my friend Corky, and another blogger named Joe, screen shots and pdf files of the original story at KRQE News went out to patriot groups all across the country. The original headline was subsequently changed.

This morning, an anonymous commentor reported that KRQE had removed all of the comments from the webpage that housed the story. When I went to that page to verify this information, I found that the entire story had been removed. This was KRQE's second mistake.

The arrogance of the media is without bounds. When confronted with their first mistake by numerous commentors, KRQE management should have publically apologized to the Albuquerque Tea Party, the Tea Party Express and to the citizens who attended the rally for calling them all a sexually charged derogatory name. But instead of doing so, and instread of firing or at least disciplining the reporter who thought that using that kind of language was cute, KRQE opted to try to pretend that such an insult never happened. That's like closing the barn door after the horses have escaped. Oops!

Given this further arrogance, it is likely that the local patriots will continue to turn the dial away from channel 13 and inform the station's sponsors about why they are doing so. This is not some boycott engineered from some national organization. Local, hard-working individuals in what is derisively called "flyover country" by the national media are simply tired of having their intelligence and hard-work continually insulted. Personally, I see my boycott of KRQE as similar to my boycott of the Olympics last summer. I am not organizing a boycott. I am simply tired of being put down by arrogant reporters who have far less education and life experience than I. I refuse to support such businesses further.

KRQE ought to put these so-called reporters through a refresher course on the difference between reporting a story and editorializing. Further, some business education might benefit both the employees and adminstrators of the station. Normally, businesses do not go out their way to bite the hand that feeds them!

Finally, KRQE's craven removal of the story has told us one thing. They know that we know what they are about.
It's a start.

KRQE: We are paying attention and we will act.
Don't mess with Albuquerque Patriots!

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