Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meanwhile, Back at the Roundhouse . . .


It was inspiring to know that more than a million taxpayers marched on Washington yesterday, asking "Can you hear us now?"

About 500 of us who did not go the Washington for various reasons, marched on the Roundhouse--the New Mexico State Capitol--yesterday as a local action. This Tea Party was sponsored by the Santa Fe Tea Party.

We were able to get in touch with Patriots from around the state, and five of us passed out literature for upcoming events from New Mexico Patriot Alliance.

Bruce carried the First Navy Jack.
A message to the State of New Mexico, where political corruption and payola is a way of life.
Don't Tread on ME!

People came from all over the State. This van carried the Las Cruces Tea Party group.

We also ran into the High Plains Patriots from Clovis, Boot Heel Patriots from Deming, and the Four Corners Patriots. Most of these groups caravaned and had their vehicles painted with slogans such as "Defend the Constitution!" and "Enough is Enough!"

Signs, signs, everywhere signs.

Mostly homemade. One in the back reads "There's no astroturfing here!"

I saw another that said, "I am not being paid to be here!"

Some marchers arrive, and exchange hellos and greetings with the Capitol Police.

At every Tea Party, we all make a point to thank the police, from the podium as well as personally. Here, the II American Revolution group members have a friendly exchange.

We drove up with our friend, Charlie "O", who is holding my sign. I gave him custody of it while I was passing out literature for LPNM.

When he signed the petition to the State Legislature, Charlie wrote: "Pork is not kosher. NM Jews for Responsible Government."

I guess we have a new group. We'll have to get the website name reserved! :)

Listening to the speeches. After the opening ceremonies, the first speech was from a young St. John's College Student, who was clearly an Objectivist.

I was very interested in what she had to say. Unfortunately, she was rudely interrupted by a heckler when she said, "I am not my brother's keeper."

The heckler, a middle-aged man, seemed angry to the point of tears as he was escorted out of the crowd by a Tea Party volunteer. He tried to talk to several of us, but another gentleman calmy but firmly told him, "I see your passion, but we want to hear the speech. The young lady has the floor."

It was a lovely day, not too warm, and the afternoon rains held off so that people could sit under the trees, listening to the speeches and enjoying one another's company.

In addition to the Objectivist, we heard from an orthopedic surgeon's concerns about Obama-Care, as well as a Lea County Engineer discussing the perils of Cap 'n' Tax.

Marine and Iraq war veteran Adam Kokesh is a candidate for the NM 3rd Congressional District seat for the United States House of Representatives.

He is also a fiery speaker, but he did not speak yesterday because the Tea Party chose to have citizens who are not currently politicians, officeholders or candidates.

Here Adam and his dog Balleu (sp??) pose for my camera.

Adam is a true patriot, and Ragamuffin House supports his campaign, even though we reside in NM's 1st Congressional District.

Yesterday was an excellent day.

Driving home, though, I realized that I am getting a cold or the flu. Unfortunately, I will be missing a friend's B-day party and a Kokesh volunteer meeting today. But I've got to keep my feet up, and sip Ragamuffin House Chicken Soup (TM) and hot lemonade and try to kick this thing.

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