Thursday, April 26, 2007

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today, we closed on our mountain house.
After closing, we picked up N., loaded Henry with the first load of many boxes and drove on up to see our new home. Because we planned to paint some of the rooms before we moved in, we actually moved on May 19. We took our camera on that first afternoon. Above is the house as we saw it the first time we drove up as proud new owners.

This was the kitchen as it looked on Wednesday evening April 26, 2006. The sellers left us a card and loaf of bread. The wall below the wainscotting on the far right is dark blue.

Here is what the kitchen looked like after we moved in. We painted the wall below the wainscotting on the far right Belmont Green.

On the right is the dining room as it looked on April 26, 2006. Note the blue walls below the wainscotting, the chandelier and the blue flowered curtains. Although very pretty, we thought the blue was too dark. Which is why we replaced it with a color called Belmont Green.

This is the dining room after we moved in.
We replaced the curtains to match the walls, and we put in a new chandelier that we thought was more elegant and matched the upper wall color and complimented our dining room furniture.

To the right is the living room south wall on April 26, 2006. We did no painting in the living room at all. We liked it just the way it was.
We did paint Bruce's office, MLC bedroom and bathroom, N.'s bedroom, my office and the master suite and bathroom, however.
Here is the living room as it looked after we moved in. It is amazing what furniture and pictures on the wall will do.
Last year at this time, we embarked on a three-week project. Every Friday evening during that period we drove up, painted until it got dark, and had a "picnic" Shabbat dinner in our new dining room. Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday were devoted to "working on the new house." N. and I would drive up on Wednesday afternoons as well. I was teaching part time and left early on Wednesday. In Albuquerque, the elementary schools let out early Wednesday afternoon for teaching planning time, so N. was available as well.
Every time we came up, we loaded Henry the Big Red Truck up. By May 19--a Sunday--we had brought most of the boxes. That day, the Bruce and Friends Cooperative Movers rented a U-Haul and moved the furniture, washer, dryer, and other "big" items up. MLC and I brought up the cats and then the dogs, cleaned the new house and directed traffic. N.'s BSA troop obligingly had a camp-out that weekend, so he was safely out of the way.
It was a good move. We were able to pay off the new house with the proceeds from selling the old house--which was our plan. It all worked out very well. But I am glad that that three week period of chaos is over! I always forget how much work making a move is.
But at the same time, I remember that time with a certain nostalgic fondness. It was exciting to be picking out paint, going up to the new house as a family and working together to get it ready for a new phase of life...
But please, do me a favor. Sit me down and give me a good talking-to if I ever start mentioning wanting to move again!


Megan Bayliss said...

Happy house anniversary. It looks very homely. are such a good house keeper E! Better give me PLENTY of notice before you come visit us in Australia so that I can clean, clean and clean some more.
Take care

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hey, Megan! It's good to be "talking" again after your wedding and all my school work!

We bought the house because it was "homey" or "haimish" as we say in Yiddish. Our house in Albuquerque was quite spectacular--a kind of Mission style. But it wasn't "us." I hear the buyers made it over, remodeling the inside according to the Tuscan decor that is all the rage here. My husband says that it is now a "spaghetti western!"

My secret to good housekeeping? A daughter with an eye for color and a rule--never take a picture until the room is picked up!

Unknown said...

What a nice spacious home!

Jo said...

Congrats on your one year homeowner's anniversary from another New Mexican new homeowner (six months now).

It's nice to see another homeschooler here in NM with a blog. :)

Oh and following the link in my name will lead you to everything BUT our homeschooling blog. LOL. Email me if you'd like to read our's and I will be bookmarking yours.

(found ya from Doc's blog btw)