Sunday, April 29, 2007

Oops! I Made A Mistake

It happens now and then.

Frankie, over at Kitchen Table Learners reminded me that her son Thomas does not have AS. He is, however, twice-exceptional. That means that he is intellectually gifted and has learning difficulties.

It is late, but I did not want to let another day go by without correcting my mistake.

Frankie, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking! But this does not get you out of being nominating for the Thinking Blogger Award! See, you've made me think twice as hard today! :)

Frankie has a great post up about some ducks that are visiting her yard. Do go on over and check it out! The ducks' names are Fred and Ethel. Hmmm. They do look a bit like Fred and Ethel Mertz. Remember I love Lucy?

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Kaber said...

I tried to reply to an automatic email of the comment you left on my blog- but it didn't go through... the blog about Bill Nye and science experiments-- so I'll leave it here-

Bill Nye looks like a fun guy...... But I think he would blow up my
house.... which maynot be bad if insurance covers it....LOL
Thanks for stopping bye and reading.