Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fog, Rocks, Waves and Sand...

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

What would you do with a high-energy kid
before hopping into Henry the Big Red Truck for a 12 hour drive? On August 18, 2007 we did this:

We took him out for a nice breakfast.

And then we went to the beach in Pacifica, California.

The rocks were just calling out to be walked on.

And jumped across.

And keeping your balance takes agility, strength and concentration.

The fog and cool Pacific breeze made the air feel soft and wonderul.

In a few hours we would be in the desert.
But first, N. got to spend an hour being a kid on the beach.
By the end of that hour he was quiet and focused.

Nature's Prozac!


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What terrific pictures! I can see the energy. :-)