Sunday, October 21, 2007

Incidental Education While Doing Floors

Overheard while my guys were working on the floor.

N: Who invented physics, anyway?

Bruce: Well, it really goes all the way back to the Greeks you studied last year. But other people like the Egyptians and the Chinese and tribes we don't even know about use physics whenever they build something. They understand the practical results even if they didn't invent the calculations.

N: Would there by life in the universe if there was no physics?

Bruce: No. Well, what I mean is that our universe in governed by physical laws, and those laws are at the basis of life. The chemical interactions that make DNA work, those are all physical at the core...

N: What about inside black holes? The laws of physics don't work there, do they?

Bruce: Not like we understand them. We really don't know what happens inside a black hole, but time, for example, slows down when you watch something get closer to the even horizon on the black hole it slows down until it appears frozen there. So time is different in a black hole....

N: Is the black hole at the center of our galaxy caused by...I mean is it gravity...?

And a discussion of mass and acceleration and space-time ensued, ending with the following--

Bruce: Mass tells space how to bend and space tells mass how to move.

N: Wow! Just a minute, I have to get the glue even here...

Bruce: Did you know that this one row has probably $5.00 to $7.00 worth of glue?

N: Really? Wow, and it's not even very much Bostik...Does anybody actually burn money?

Bruce: Well, the treasury does when it has to get rid of worn out money...

And they went on to talk about the paper cloth content for money, what will happen if we just print more money, and why counterfeiting is a problem, and from there, why it is wrong to take or accept bribes.

N: Do you really think you could bribe a cop with donuts?

Bruce: Well, you shouldn't.

N: Remember the 'Fly-By Donut Caper'?

Note to readers: DON"T ASK!

Oh, well, if you insist.

Monday October 8, 2001ALBUQUERQUE (Reuters) - An Albuquerque policeman and his pilot face disciplinary measures after using a police helicopter this week to swoop in for a midnight snack of doughnuts, officials said on Friday. The officer and the civilian pilot were on night patrol over the city in a Kiowa OH-58 helicopter when they landed in a vacant lot next to a Krispy Kreme doughnut store around 1 a.m. on Thursday morning.``The contracted pilot and a police officer landed the copter early in the morning, ran in and grabbed a dozen, came back out and took off,'' Albuquerque Police Department spokesman Brian McCutcheon said.... An eyewitness told the Albuquerque Journal that he saw the APD helicopter circle the Krispy Kreme and land in a nearby dirt field.... A Krispy Kreme employee who asked not to be identified said he didn't see why people were making a big deal of the unusual doughnut run.``Cops got to eat, too,'' he said.

From the sublime to the ridiculous!

Homeschool is always in session.

Even on Sundays.

Even if there are no more Krispy Kreme Donuts in Albuquerque.

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