Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Son the Hobbit?

Some bloggers I frequent do "Wordless Wednesday."

On Wordless Wednesday they post one picture. That's it.

I am starting a variation of it today. It will be a way to limit the mid-week time I spend on posting.

But mine will be called Nearly Wordless Wednesday.

So here goes.

NOTE: So here goes after numerous attempts! First, I couldn't load any pictures. I went off and studied and then had lunch. Then I got the pictures loaded, and was in the middle of posting when the power went off here--probably due to those cold and persistent winds that I mention below! So I studied some more. And when the power came back, I did, too, and finished my post, and tried to post it. And blogger was down for scheduled maintenance!
Is the third time the charm???

So here goes my maiden post of Nearly Wordless Wednesday. I hope...

It's late fall.

The cold temperatures are making the Aspens turn color rapidly.

Cold winds are blowing clouds across the Sandia front from the northwest. The winds are brisk and strong.

This morning the temperature was below freezing and the temperature at eleven o'clock was only 40 degrees (F).

N. was outside at eleven.

See how he's wearing a sweatshirt?
His hands are in his pockets, protected from the cold winds.

But notice the feet.

He thinks he's a Hobbit.

Sigh. Shoes are something you wear when your mother is cold.


denise said...

I have to say, this post made me giggle loudly. I am like that too. When I post a photo of the day it takes every ounce of strength not to describe it, talk about it, talk about why I chose it, and what else was happening. I sometimes spend as much time editing down my words as I do typing them (like now).

So to have a "nearly" wordless Wednesday, well, is priceless. :) Love it.

Magpie Ima said...

What a great idea, the Wordless Wednesday. I'll have to keep that one in mind. Love the hobbit feet. I often say to my children "I'm freezing--put on a sweater!"

steph said...

Ha! That's great--although you might be able to convince him he should get a pair of hairy slippers to be more in line with the characters?

I miss Tijeras!!! I'm so glad I get to see it again week after next. However, I also have to do my PT test at 7 am at 6,000 ft up after two months of sea level at 80 degrees. Wish me luck! I'm going to need it. Anyway, I'm so glad I have somewhere to go to get my NM fix--I love your pictures of the mountains. I like Tampa but I miss NM badly--I try not to think about it.

Anyway, someday very soon I'll return to blogging (all the family and friends who live far away are feeling the lack and won't let me give it up, and I love it and wouldn't anyway), but currently I have a baby desperately trying to walk, and she'll be cranky until she does, just like her sister was. Take care! Sounds like things are going well, if chilly.

Susan said...

Wonderful pictures on your nearly wordless Wednesday.
Sometimes it's just too hard to put on those shoes...especially when you're a hobbit. lol

Our basil is still hanging in out here on the farm. It's so nice to have a great crop for pesto this year.

But I think this Indian Summer is about to end. We had rain and it stayed chilly this time. Better get all my peppers picked..says Peter Piper...