Tuesday, October 9, 2007

When Real Life Happens: COH #93

I've been talking about getting back to "real life" lately.

And we homeschoolers are amazingly good at having a real life.

And now The Tutor over at Apollos Academy has posted this week's Carnival of Homeschooling--The Real Life edition. She shows us that neither rain, storms, viral bugs, or web hosting problems can keep homeschoolers from their appointed rounds! (With apologies to my letter carrier).

So in between those car problems, melt-downs, and impossible fractions, I am looking forward to some down-time over at Apollos Academy, where we can have a cuppa, and laugh in the face of REAL LIFE!

1 comment:

Kaber said...

i wanna cuppa my new tea!it isnt working!

I'm finally settled and feeling better (my malaria meds were causing anxiety, depression and paranois- my dr had to switch them.)