Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Animal Tracks

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

This rodent was out in the sunrise, checking out the results of the snowstorm.

This rabbit was out before the dawn, and came across our driveway.

This rabbit had a bad morning, but the Coyote got some breakfast.

The deer were out before the morning light, too!

Three deer had crossed the trail, but I could only get the tracks of one in my camera lens. The group of three has been around since summer. These appear to be the tracks of the yearling.

All the pictures were taken with my Sony Cybershot, Zeiss 15X zoom lens, at various zoom magnifications, on Saturday morning, November 24.


christinemm said...

Oh my, about the rabbit. Nature at work.

Once next to my front door in the snow I saw bird tracks walking, then wing flapping marks which I'd never seen before, next to those were cat tracks. I don't think the bird made it. Poor thing.

The circle of life...

Maddy said...

Well I for one am grateful for the words as I have no clue about animals paw prints.

denise said...

We are reading about tracks just this week. How interesting!

Oh-- I tagged you over at my blog (hope you don't mind!). :)