Friday, November 23, 2007

White Friday

For some people, today is black Friday--the day of shopping madness that begins the Madison Avenue version of the Christmas season.

For us, it's white Friday.

It actually started last night.

We had finished our Albuquerque Turkey with all the trimmings, and had eaten pumpkin pie with "real whipped cream," as N. calls it. You know, the kind you whip up with a mixer.
We had had our after-dinner cup of tea, washed the dishes and put the crystal away.

N. kept going to the window to see if had started yet.

We settled into our living room--usable once again, now that the floor is done--when we heard the sleet against the skylights.

Doesn't the living room look nice? We got the rug on sale at the hardware store. N. helped pick it out. I wanted a softer, more expensive one, but as N. pointed out: "Mom, we have two dogs, two cats and me!" So I bought a can of spray-on scotch guard and the more practical, inexpensive rug.

But I digress! As I was saying,
the long-predicted storm had finally come!
But we were snuggled on the couches--me and N. on one, the dogs on the other, and Bruce in his recliner, to watch It's a Wonderful Life, as is our custom every Thanksgiving after dinner. I did snap a picture of two when we took the dogs out of the first snow with accumulation of the season. As we walked the dogs in the falling snow last night, Bruce and N. gave us a rousing chorus of Over the River and Through the Woods. We are easily pleased!

This morning we woke up to a nice, snowy White Friday. We had about an inch of snow on the ground at 7 AM, when MLC called from Dallas. Bruce was actually thinking of driving into to town because the "Chinese store" had a six hour sale on various tools. But the snowplow did not come, and I am opposed to shopping on this day anyway, so we took a good walk with the dogs instead.
I love it when Mother Nature conspires to help me remain steadfast in my resolve not to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving!
It has been snowing off and on all day, with bouts of lowering clouds and freezing fog. The temperature in Tijeras is 30 degrees, with wind, and here in Sedillo it is 27. A good day to refrain from driving.

It is a wonderful day to enjoy the beauty of our mountains, rejoice in the first measurable precipitation since October 19th, and stay home and snuggle.

We had laid up a good supply of hot chocolate, spiced cider, and of course we have leftovers from our Thanksgiving Dinner.

I am enjoying White Friday more than I would have enjoyed Black Friday.

It is a nice way to have downtime before the frenzy that marks the end of the university semester begins! And Hannukah comes early this year, too!


Anonymous said...

We had our first snow of the season today too!

Anonymous said...

Ooo real snow!

Yes, I'm with you. No frenzied shopping for me either.

Best wishes

denise said...


ChristineMM said...

Wow what a treat! We haven't had any up here yet. It was in the 60s on Thanksgiving and humid, so we shut off the heat and opened all the windows for a last hurrah of fresh air.

We're back to temps in the low 40s now during the day and it was in the low 20s when we woke up today. Brr.