Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I am feeling thankful this week as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving very quietly.

I am thankful to be alive on days like the one on which I took this picture and the one below.

This was taken on UNM Main Campus looking north toward the Centenial Library from Logan Hall.

This picture brings to mind the little doggerel I wrote looking at a gold and orange oak tree against the blue October sky in 1976:

"...And it hurt with piercing sadness
that the autumn with her gold
would woo us with her tangy gladness
and betray us to the winter's cold."
EHC October 1976

There is something bittersweet about the vibrant colors of autumn--they cannot stay long, nor do we want them to. And that creates a sudden sense of joy and a lifting of the heart towards the infinite.

And I am thankful for my long-suffering husband who did not intend to move the rest of the furniture last night, but did so anyway, simply because I asked him to.

Great are our blessings! How fortunate are we for our lives, our families and the beauty of our surroundings.

Enjoy the real blessings of Thanksgiving Day
along with the Turkey and Pie.

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