Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Homeschool Snow Day

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

It started Sunday night.

On Monday morning we woke up

to wind and snow.

It was Monday morning, so Bruce had to clear

the snow from the car and creep down the hill.

The snow came in waves.

All day, the clouds would lift, and then more

would come spilling over the Sandia front,

like water over a dam.

When the dogs needed out,

it was an expedition,

into the blizzard winds.

Sometimes, the snow fell

almost like rain,

and sleet, and hail.

And then the wind would blow,

and obscure the mountains again.

On a homeschool snow day, we do math while sipping cocoa.


denise said...

Beautiful! And with mountains and trees. Ahhh.

We had 34 inches of snow in December and in the past few days of warm and fog it is almost all gone. Everything is mushy and slushy and gray. Nice to see the pristine whiteness in your photos.

I love seeing snow out the windows!


It's all relative-

It's Chilly

Melora said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. We just have rain, which isn't anything like so romantic (but better for driving in).