Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August Wildflowers at Sedillo


After a hot dry weekend during the new moon, when the Monsoons were interrupted by a high-pressure ridge, they have resumed in full force, with cloudbursts on Sunday and Monday evenings, and a long morning rain yesterday here at Sedillo in the Sandias.

The August wildflowers are beginning to open up and bring color to our muted pinyon-juniper woodland.

Helianthus neomexicanis
New Mexico Sunflower
Asteraceae --the Aster family (formerly called Composites)

Erigeron compositus
Cutleaf Daisy
aka Fleabane
Asteraceae--Aster family
(There has been some move to put
the erigerons in their own family.
I don't know what has happened with that).

Physalis ixocarpa
Tomatillo (Mexican Ground Cherry)
Solanaceae--Potato Family

This has flowers in which the calyx forms the chinese latern of green around the fruit.

Melilotus officialis
Sweet Clover
Leguminaceae--Pea Family

There is also a white variety, called M. albus.

Bouteloua gracilis
Blue Gramma Grass
Poeaceae--Grass family

Yes, grasses are flowering plants! Wind pollenated, they do not create showy flowers, though. The grass flower is quite small and unique. Here you can see the characteristic "eye-brow" of the flower. Black gramma is more robust and has a hairy root.

Gilia aggregata
Scarlet Gilia aka Foxfire
Polemoniaceae--Phlox family

Sphaeralcea var.
Globemallow aka Falsemallow
Malvaceae--Mallow family
The leaves and stems of these, crushed, make a fine poultice for muscle aches. Although the flowers are usually orange, I have seen pink and white and yellow, as well.

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Amie said...

I had no idea that grass was a flowering plant...