Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alaska...Where Women Run for Vice-President

where men are real men
and women win the Iditarod.

This is the legend on a T-shirt I bought in Fairbanks on the Summer Solstice in 2002.

Picture Credit: Looking across towards Mendenhall from the Univ. of Alaska, Juneau; E. Levin, June 2002

It appears that this legend might change a bit in the next few months. Not only do women win the Iditerad, but they also run for VP of the United States!

Yesterday, John McCain, the Republican candidate for President of the United States announced that he has chosen Sarah Palin--Govenor of Alaska, fisherwoman, businesswoman, hunter and snowmobiler--to be his running mate in the November election.

This woman--yes, the one holding the salmon--could be the Vice-President of the United States!

Picture Credit: Alaska Seafood

This move by McCain says a few things about him. He is truly a maverick, and he doesn't seem to give a hoot what the press or the elite think about his candidacy. He picked the person he thought was best for the job of being on his team, should he win.

Of the two major party candidates, it also looks like it is McCain that is having the most fun. I mean, consider that he spent his birthday keeping the press buffoons guessing to the point where ABC was actually giving out the false information that Palin was not his pick. He kept Obama completely out of the paper yesterday.

Palin is an interesting person, herself, herself.

She is considered to be a maverick who has opposed her own party in Alaska when she thought it necessary. She sold the previous govenor's pork-barrel private jet on e-bay.

And she was Miss Congeniality and first runner-up in the Miss Alaska contest when she was a young woman. Alaskans call her "the hottest governor of the coldest state."

As the Chem Geek Princess put it: She proves that you can have beauty, brains and guts.

From now until November, this is going to be an interesting ride!

Picture Credit: Alaska Magazine

Alaska! Where men are real men, women win the Iditarod, and run for Vice President.


Stephanie (Mamalynx) said...

I have not been excited about this race, until now. You're right, McCain is having fun, much more fun!

Kaber said...

still not sure how I feel about her being on the ticket...... maybe I am too conservative

Amie said...

I was intrigued the minute I heard it might be her, and was so excited whent he rumors proved to be true. What a way to kill the DNC buzz.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Stephanie (Mamalynx)--you know, I was not excited either. I don't vote for major party candidates, but other than Obama's Greek Tragedy set, I have found the whole thing very dull this time. But the idea of a presidential candidate who is confident in himself enough to have fun is intriguing!

Kaber--Not being conservative, I can't help you there. She seems conservative enough for the Republicans, in an Alaska sort of way. For me, the cool thing is that she's going to liven up the election.

Amie--I think McCain is the master of suspense. And can that guy keep a secret!

~L~ said...


denise said...

Confident or desperate, I suppose it could swing either way!