Monday, August 20, 2007

Be It Ever So Humble...

Ah, home.

We arrived last night at about 7 PM. Since it was my day to drive, Bruce got a nap. He unloaded Henry with a little help from N. while I had a Guiness Draught and put my feet up. We were just in time to watch the sunset from our bedroom patio doors.

It was nice to walk through the house and feel the familiar space. The dogs were overjoyed to see us and did their happy dances. The cats?

Cloudy: "Will you greet them or should I?"

Binky, while grooming his forepaw: "I greeted them last time. It's your turn."

Cloudy: "If I must..."

Binky: "But wait! It's dinner time. I think you should meow at the door. It's your turn. And besides, you have the loudest meow. I have a hard time sounding Siamese..."

Ah! Home Sweet Home!