Saturday, August 25, 2007

In the Meantime... has been going on here at home while I have been feverishly documenting our California 'whirlwind tour.'

Here, the sunflowers are blooming and the highways, byways and fields are turning yellow with their colors. Helianthus neomexicanus, our very own New Mexico sunflower is the color of August and harbinger of the approaching autumn.

My coursework for the Ph.D. began again this week at my alma mater, UNM--the University Near Mom.

The left side of my milk-crate bookshelf is evidence of the major gelt I spent getting books for my classes. This semester, it is eight hours of coursework, all for the neurospychology emphasis:

  • Biomed 533: Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology--4 hours, with a brain dissection lab
  • Biomed 535: Neurosciences Seminar--1 hour, listening to weekly presentations of current research
  • Psychology 533: Psychological Evaluation: Cognitive and Neurospychological Functions--3 hours

Rainbow season is upon us once more!

We seem to get the most spectacular rainbows in August as the monsoons settle into the 'isolated showers and thunderstorms' mode.

This year, we brought the rain home. It did not rain the whole time we were gone and then, on Thursday evening, we got 0.35 inches during two rainy periods. And a double rainbow! Look carefully above the more visible one for traces of the double.

And my guys are 'getting her done' as they have a great time installing the dining room flooring. They hope to finish it this weekend. I will be happy to have the dining room back--sort of. A finished dining area will mean taking the living room furniture out to start there!

And no, the picture is not totally crooked. The chandelier is swinging. Without the table under it, Bruce keeps running into it when he stands up. It causes a great deal of "guy" humor and giggling to burst from the dining room at somewhat regular intervals.

These guys are having too much fun altogether on this part of the project!

That's the news from Sedillo, NM--where life is going on this week while I am blogging last week. One more Travelogue and I am done with that bit!


Beth said...

Upcoming semester -- I am not ready! I was looking online at the book list for the capstone seminar for my major and ... let's just say, I am hoping the fifteen weeks pass swiftly!! OTOH, I will graduate next May! After which, of course, there is *only* grad school.

Melora said...

Wow! That floor is Absolutely Gorgeous!!! I always bump into chandeliers when the table is gone, too.

Brain dissection? Ouch.