Thursday, April 10, 2008

April Snow and March-like Wind

A Nearly Wordless Special Edition
We thought we were done with this!

Last night, I was in town, at the university, giving presentation to my Trends and Issues class, my phone beeped. It was Bruce, worrying about snow in the canyon and poor visibility.
I had to finish my class, go pick up N. at Machon, so by the time I headed up Sedillo Hill, the snow had stopped, the pavement was wet (warm ground under the roads is a blessing) and we got home safely. We had about five inches on the ground this morning.

Dawn this morning.

The light has the springtime quality, and the clouds look like the kind that produce April Showers. And yet, heavy, wet snow covers the mountains.

The clouds, still looking like rain clouds, race above the snow-covered road construction barriers.

As the sun begins to rise above the ridge, the wind is picking up speed. April snow, March-like winds. It confuses the eye and the brain.

On the morning walk in the meadow, we plough through the heavy snow.
The Clouds on the hillside shadow the rising sun. We're back to white and gray, but there is a blue-purple springlike quality to it, that makes it different than February.

It was such a heavy snow, driven by spring winds, that it frosted the fence and the trees.
This won't last very long. The wind is picking up.

By mid-morning, the wind is blowing clouds of snow steadily to the east.
Bad weather is brewing in Texas.

Odd. We have a fire warning as well as a wind warning today. Snow and fire? Probably not.

The warning should apply only below the snowline.

It's a good day to stay inside and clean.


denise said...

Lovely photos, as always. We have had crazy winds and cold rain...with snow coming tonight and into the weekend. We had a few nice days though!

Melora said...

Your pictures are, as usual, lovely! I am ready for warm summer days, but my kids would be very pleased if they had some of your nice new snow to play in.

Congratulations to your daughter on her new Job!!! How exciting! It must be a great feeling to have raised such a lovely, confident, intelligent young woman!

christinemm said...

The snow is lovely but I thought you were done with it too!

Last night we had freaky heavy rains with thunder and lightning and heavy winds, in short bursts that would then just stop. The sound of the raindrops on the skylights was crazy and woke me up more than once. Weird weather. Sunny this morning and everything is drenched.

I am afraid to remove the driveway markers for the snow plow lest I then jinx us to get a spring snow.

Thanks for reading my blog and leaving comments, too!