Wednesday, April 2, 2008

in (just) spring!

...when the little Jewish mama cleans far and wee!
(My apologies to e.e. cummings)

Nearly Wordless Wednesday
It is April. Already! Between papers, presentation, and political frustration; between road construction, math, and Boy Scout campouts, we are getting the Chametz (leavening) out!


The broom closet in a state of total disorganization. What you can't see: Napkins with heavier paper towel rolls crushing them, dust mice and spilled dogfood on the floor, and a general state of "I don't know where to put this, so I'll just put it here for now;" and "now" turned into ten months.


The broom closet after Mom, the White Tornado hit it.

Notice that there is empty space on the newly wiped shelves? Most of the stuff seen above is still there.

Organization! Don't clean without it!


The pantry with ladder at the ready. (I did say I was a "little" Jewish mother).

What you don't see: cookie crumbs, popcorn seeds, and other detritus lingering in the mesh of the shelf-liner. Empty boxes, and paper sacks with a tad bit of this and a tad bit of that, that we just had to save. A Burger King french fry box with 10 packets of ketchup labled "use before 01/1997. (NO we did not live here then!)


Ah, blessed order.

They say that when the Eternal Blessed One created the world, S/He made separations. And Jewish women have been separating stuff ever since.

Thus we participate in the Divine mission

to bring order out of chaos.

And just in case you thought we were stuck inside...

The feather bed and quilt got their annual trip through the washer and then got a bask in the March sun and wind. Ah, there's nothing like the smell of air-dried bedding.

The trash bags represent N.'s contribution, yard-work with sharp instruments of destruction.

Happy (Just) Spring


christinemm said...

Looks like spring cleaning is in full swing at your house!

Your "before" didn't look too bad from here!

Barbara Frank said...

I was gonna say, I thought that "before" shot looked pretty good, but maybe it's just that your pantry is so well-lit....ours is dark and hard to go through.

We love air-dried bedding, too. Would you believe some places have outlawed clotheslines? Ridiculous...

denise said...

Ah, a whole walk in pantry. Nice!

Our neighborhood does not allow clotheslines. I do put up collapsable racks on the deck on sunny days. Love the sound of it all flapping in the breeze.