Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fog, Fire and Ice

The weather has been giving us some spectacular moments to make final exam week and the end of Hannukah more exciting.

Yesterday was my day to study all day for my Neuropsych assessment final exam.

But before I began, I saw the river of fog in the valley below our mountain. The freezing fog had only recently lifted from the hilltops, and the trees were frosted with it.

It was a good day for brewing up a cup of Licorice Spice tea and curling up with my 25 pound Neuropsych book. All day it was gloomy, with snow showers and sleet. I felt very cosy in my warm office. A perfect study day. I got a lot done, even though I spent the first hour organizing papers for the class into binders.

By the time the guys got home from Boy Scouts, I was ready to stop studying for the day. We had another one of those intimate, quiet, no fuss Hannukah candle lighting times. We sat and listened to music as the candles burned down. As the light increases, we are able, more and more to do without the electric lights. I was feeling especially content because I had spend the day well, and could relax in the candlelight. I am sorry that tonight is the last night!

As we got ready for bed, I looked out and saw that the sleet followed by snow had coated the Aspen tree outside our bedroom.

First fire in the Menorah, and then a little bit of ice--enough to make the tree beautiful--and then snow, to end a gray, indoor sort of day.

We did park the vehicles up at the top of the driveway, just in case...

And in the morning, we were glad that we did.

Three inches of new snow fell while we slept, and I had visions of neuropsychological tests for memory, attention, and aphasias dancing in my head.

This morning, the clouds looked threatening, but the drive into Albuquerque was uneventful. We had an excellent discussion of our various papers on adult neurogenesis as our final meeting in Neurophysiology. I felt a little choked up as I left. I will miss that group. We have studied together now through Neurobiology and Neuroanatomy and Physiology.

I had a few hours to review before the Neuropsych final, as the clouds rolled into the city, another gray day perfect for curling up with notebooks at the SUB. And, as an added bonus, they had done the hanging of the greens and the air in the building smelled wonderful!

Now, as we go into the last night of Hannukah, my weather cricket on the computer is chirping at me. Snow advisory. Three to five inches here in the Sandias. I guess tomorrow might be another cosy day.


Frankie said...

I'm so behind on blogs, my apologies. A belated Happy Hannukah to you and your family.

Your pictures were wonderful. Enjoy the snow.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hi, Frankie,

You don't have to apologize. We know you are busy for several canine reasons.

Angela said...

What breathtaking photos! How fitting, to be ending your holidays and your classes at the same time. Cozy up and enjoy being snowed in!