Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Snow on the Mountain

"Blessed are You, Eternal, our G-d, Master of the Universe,
who has sent a white Christmas for those to whom it matters."
Sidney Steinberg, December 25, 1999

The sun is shining, the evergreen trees are green, and the snow is clinging to the ground here in the mountains. And we are under a wintery weather advisory for another snowstorm scheduled to hit the north central mountains and the eastern plains later to day. So Sid's blessing applies.

We are celebrating A Movie and Chinese Dinner today just as we did last year. Yesterday we got a phone call from the mother of one of our Machon car-pool boys. She had taken her husband to the hospital on Saturday morning at 4 AM with terrible pain in the upper abdomen. He is still in hospital with pancreatitis. A. was home alone and she was wondering...

In ten minutes we were in the car on our way to pick up A. He was waiting with an overnight bag. It's a good thing I had put a roast in the crock pot yesterday. So a day that is usually kind of boring for N. turned out to be fun. A.'s mom came for dinner before going home last night, but A. stayed overnight. In honor of A.'s being here, Bruce made Juevos Rancheros for breakfast. I put a kugel in the oven this morning because MLC will be home from the Caribbean tonight, and she and a few friends will be over for dinner. Even though it's not a holiday for us, it is shaping up to be a big eating day. Bruce and I don't need to stuff ourselves, but the growing boys here will be a joy to feed.

So it will be a different kind of busy day here in Sedillo.

We send our greetings and best wishes for

a peaceful, joyful holiday, filled with good food, family,

and good friends...

for those to whom it matters!


Melora said...

What a wonderful sentiment -- thank you! Your mountain is beautiful.
I hope your friend's husband is okay. Sounds like you guys had a fun evening. (I didn't know a movie and Chinese food were a Jewish December 25th tradition, but what a great idea!)

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hi, Melora,

Yes, Chinese and a movie are quite common ways for Jews to have something to do on a day off when everyone else is celebrating Christmas. It is more common in the east and in cities, where Chinese Restaraunts are open on Christmas in Chinese neighborhoods--they take off the Chinese New Year instead. And movies are open.

In the "greater" ABQ area there used to be a few Chinese Restaraunts open, so we would do an afternoon movie followed by Chinese food. But lately, even they were closed. During the three years of the LOTR movie releases, we went to the movies and then made Chinese at home. Now the synagogue does a fundraiser for brotherhood.