Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fourteen Trips Around the Sun

Last night's birthday celebration combined with Shabbat went very well.
I have never been the Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party mother, anyway.
N. was never thrilled about the noise and confusion of those kind of birthday parties to begin with, and when he attended such celebrations for other kids, he usually wanted to be taken home early.
Anyway, my home-made lasagna beats pizza parlor cooking hands down.
And leftovers are a beautiful thing.

So I spent the afternoon cooking, and since N. invited MLC's boyfriend, and A. was still with us, we had a full table.

My Challah was a hit!

We don't cut the Challah with a knife on Shabbat. Rather, everyone holds the Challah while the blessing is said, and then we become "holy tearers." (The picture is the second go-around on the Challah. I was flattered).

The reward of an afternoon cooking--I enjoyed many compliments on my cooking. The greatest compliment of all, though, was that almost everyone wanted seconds.

Then it was time for the cake.

We cheat a little, and have the cake complete with candles, even on Shabbat. Fourteen candles makes quite a blaze!

We are hopelessly old fashioned. We go for the full number of candles, instead of the candle-numbers. If the birthday kid is under 18, we include "one to grow on!"

He moved when I snapped this one, but look at the smoke from all those candles.

N. was really into celebrating fourteen trips around the sun. He has now experienced fourteen examples of each season. And he has seen some other cool things--like comets, meteor showers, and lunar eclipses.

I am having a hard time believing that my bouncing baby boy is becoming a young man. Yikes--as my friend Steph said.

Of course, there were presents.

Two that N. specifically requested were a Taekwondo headband and a dragon necklace.

Here, his helpful older sister tied the knot.

He also got two books, a T-shirt, and a bookstore gift certificate. And MLC's boyfriend gave him a bag of sweets and treats.

It was a very good birthday celebration. Last year, his birthday was overshadowed by his Bar Mitzvah. This year, we were back to our usual mode of celebration. It's probably a bit tame for some tastes. It is not the birthday extravaganza to outdo the Jones.

This kind of birthday works for us, though. I think N. gets more of what he wants: adult attention, fun conversation, and good food that he likes. And the atmosphere does not over-tax his senses.

We don't know the Jones anyway.


Melora said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! Books and stuff to satisfy the martial arts interest sound like fine gifts.

Have you Been to a Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party? It is a Nightmare! We were invited and went to two of those when we lived in Florida, and I was flabbergasted that otherwise sensible adults would agree to hold parties there.

Frankie said...

Great-big happy birthday wishes to N!

Looks like it was the perfect party.

They grow up too fast, don't they!

denise said...

Fun party. My little ones don't like too much stimulus either and prefer something at home, with only a few friends/family, and some special attention. Not only is it more manageable and enjoyable for all, it lets you (the parent) actually spend time with your child and recognize and celebrate their birth day - which is the whole point anyway! :)Looks like a wonderful evening, and a great meal! :)

No Apology said...

Happy New Year, Elisheva - All in all, it was a good year. I wish the best in the coming year for you and your family.

No Apology said...

The only time I really miss NYC is when I get a craving for a pastrami on rye from the 2nd Ave Deli.

I lived in the East Village in the early 60's, when you could still get a half a loaf of exquisite Lithuanian rye, or a bowl of cabbage soup on the corner, or a 1/4 lb of Nova Scotia, and bagels to die for on a lazy Sunday morning, or French toast made with Challah from Ratners, and...I better stop before I depress myself thinking about all the food I no longer have access to - *Sigh*...

I wish for you and your lovely family, health and wealth (not money - but hey, that too :) - in the coming year.

Kimberlee said...

"trips around the sun"

What a great expression! I may have to borrow that on my next birthday. I'll give you full credit, of course. But then, forty-six trips around the sun may not sound as festive as fourteen...might just make me feel dizzy! Great post! :)